Our Story


We want to share our love for warm destinations, swaying palm trees, endless summer days and living on “island time.” Slowing down to enjoy life with friends and family makes it worth living. "Doing a whole lot of nothing"...to us that means taking time to focus on the positive, living life to the fullest and finding paradise, wherever you are.

The term Limin' originated on the Caribbean island of Trinidad and the Limin’ brand wants to share the laid back, carefree spirit of the Caribbean with everyone. Limin' is about far more than a certain location on a map. It’s a state of mind and a way of life.

So remember, next time you find yourself on a beach in Trinidad, boating off the coast of Carolina, hanging around in Key West or some Virgin Island, or maybe chilling out in Cabo or hanging loose in Hawaii, you’re limin’ and it sure feels good.

Welcome to the Limin’ Lifestyle. 🌴🌊☀️⚓️🤙🏼



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