Preppy and colorful beach towel beach apparel and beach gear


( lī-min ) - hanging out doing a whole lot of nothing.

The Limin’ brand celebrates the laidback, carefree spirit of the Caribbean.  With a postcard-worthy backdrop of clear turquoise waters and powdery white sands, the islands are an idyllic paradise to simply sit back, slow down and unwind.  The expression originated in the Caribbean and still resonates there, but Limin’ is far more than a product or spot on the map. It’s a state of mind and a way of life.  Welcome to the Limin’ lifestyle. Continue reading...

The Limin' Lifestyle

Resort apparel great for vacation clothing and tumblers and towels for the beach and lake
Limin is a lifestyle brand selling beach and lake apparel
Beach and Lake Fashion Limin' Brand company from Lake Travis in Austin Texas
Lifestyle brand company in Austin based in Lake Travis gives to Charity through the Cruzan Island Spirit Fund